During the Writer in Residence at the University of South Pacific, the following took place:

How to Beat Diabetes: Street theater performances at the diabetes clinic in Lambasa, Fiji, used to help native Fijians overcome the disease. Commissioned by the International Diabetes Federation.

-Class in playwriting using the methodology of Chaos Theory. The class was offered both to students at the university and members of the community.

-Play created through the class based on the history of the indentured servants from India, or the Girmit, who were brought to the island between 1879 and 1916 to work on Fiji’s sugar cane plantations.

-Through the creation of historic theater, workshops were held in theater production, acting, and play production.

-Series of lectures to the community and the university about using historic theater to tell their own story and using these productions as a means of creating an indigenous form of cultural tourism.