During the Guest Artist at Fairmont State University, the following was accomplished:

Prayer of America: The hope and optimism of the turn-of-the-century American immigrant story is turned on its head when hundreds of them are killed through America’s worst coal mining disaster.

-A reader’s theater production at the Folk Art Center at Fairmont State, where the university community as well as members from the theater department at West Virginia University, were able to learn from, and comment on the play.

-A second reader’s theater production held at Prickett’s Fort State Historic Site, where the same production was viewed by a gathering of community members and historians. Their comments affirmed the play’s historic accuracy and cultural relevance.

-A full credit course in playwriting implemented through an intensive series of workshops, and through internet contact between the students and playwright. Previously, the university had not offered a playwriting class, so it was the only exposure the theater students had to the writing of drama. The class focused on the methodology of Chaos Theory.

-Lectures to the university’s honor students regarding the artistic process, lectures that transcended any particular genre.

-Lectures to all students at the theater department on the creation of non-fiction theater, as well as on the professional aspects of maintaining a career in theater.

-University convocation about a writing career in a variety of genres and which genre best serves a particular narrative.