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Plays and Books:

The body of work created through my writing across America provides a wide variety of production opportunities that can often be paired with travel and immersion experiences. Please contact me if you are interested in producing a play or partnering to have one produced. Contact, too, about published books and ones in process.

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Commissioning Historic Dramas and Other Plays:

I look forward to hearing from people, communities or organizations who are interested in searching for their story and creating theater from it. If my expenses are paid, I will make a free trip anywhere in the world to write an initial assessment and outline the process of discovering and articulating that story.

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World Communities Human Rights Theater:

World Communities uses theater to shine a light into dark places. The process of creating plays from unresolved cultural and historic issues allows for a healing and understanding both through the collaborative nature of the writing process and through the production itself. For each project, World Communities creates a team of artists to help take the first step in the assertion of human rights: an articulation of the problem.

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School and University Residencies:

Taking my writing process to an academic setting has always created significant and lasting benefits for the institution. Often, it leads to an ongoing production that serves both the school and the community in which it is located, as well as generating guest artists, symposiums, cultural events, oral history projects, and study abroad activities. The residencies are inherently interdisciplinary and thus open up the world of theater for students who might not otherwise have this opportunity, while grounding theater students in the real-life experiences that are the basis for all artistic endeavors .They also offer writing classes and workshops that might not otherwise be part of the curriculum. I have worked in a variety of ways, either as a regular employee, guest artist, or artist in residence. I am happy to meet with interested institutions as a first step in developing a proposal.

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Collaborations with NGOs:

Collaborations with NGOs and those on a mission. The collaborative process of creating these plays helps the organization to better articulate and promote itself. They can also further the work of the organization by addressing their client base in a creative and dramatic manner. I will visit your organization to discuss projects.

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Workshops and Chaos Theory:

I have been a part of many writers’ conferences or similar events as a keynote speaker or workshop leader. My work in the Chaos Theory of writing has revealed the essence of the creative process through the course of a workshop. Please contact me to make arrangements.

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