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Whether interviewing demonically possessed Second Wives in Ghana for his play “Darkness Lifting;” hitchhiking 8,000 miles across America for his book, I Think I’ll Drop You Off in Deadwood, or settling into Appalachia to write both his long-running play “The Reach of Song,” and his book Murphy, North Carolina, Tom DeTitta’s authorship is a journey through America and across the world. Heralded by the Atlanta Journal / Constitution as the founder of “Theater Non-Fiction,” he is the only playwright ever commissioned to work with an American president. His plays have been seen by more than a quarter of a million people. He often finds inspiration in seemingly ordinary places where he eventually uncovers the universal truths that propel the writing forward. This webpage is a celebration of the Plays and the Books and Other Writings resulting from that effort, as well as the other manifestations of his writing.

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“The new generation of writers in historic drama is led by Tom DeTitta. Until Mr. DeTitta’s “The Reach of Song” it was considered impossible to present intimate psychological issues in a production that had to play loudly and boldly to reach the back rows.” -Rodger Lyle Brown, Atlanta Journal/Constitution



Twelve successful, professional productions that have been created from Cambodia to Bulgaria.

Books & Other Writings

Books and Other Writings

These often come out of, and expound upon, the stories and ideas encountered while researching the plays. These are broader narratives that do not fit neatly into a two-hour stage production.

From the Writing Comes…

Human Rights Theater that educates while healing the wounds of history. This work is executed by World Communities Theater Company

University Residencies that expand worlds, promote the colleges or universities where they are held, and leave a legacy in the community.

Historic Dramas that tell the stories of the place in which they are performed. These plays become ongoing attractions or events that promote cultural tourism.

Collaborations with NGOs and those on a mission. The collaborative process of creating these plays helps the organization to better articulate and promote itself. They can also further the work of the organization by addressing their supporters and clients in a creative and dramatic manner.

Chaos Theory: Workshops that get to the essence of all creative writing.

Facebook: The World of Words. Posts that recall and update the people from my plays, that say something old or new about the places where they were written, and that offer insight into upcoming works.